Artwork made with digital mediums, occupying virtual space.

DARK Festival

T-X-H Collaboration


Print designs and product animations for the merchandise of DARK Festival, a biannual event in Australia.

nextome - Smilk


The art and animation for 'nextome' a seven track album from Melbourne based producer Smilk.

smilk nextome album art



Mutation is a biological, social and technological process.

Inspired by the human's mutative power to shape itself and its environment these works present mutation as a method of growth, destruction and communication.

This collection started with three core illustrations that represent different expressions of life (insect, blossom, vine).

I began to pull this imagery through different mediums and narrative perspectives, mutating it in the process. Along the way new elements alluding to science and technology were introduced as devices to further communicate these processes of mutation.

Chimeric beings emerged as a result of combining all this visual data.



Wiservision is a collaborative audiovisual project from DJ and producer WISER. For the 5th instalment I worked with her to produce an animation for this sound sample. We were working on the sound and animation simultaneously so both aspects of the final work were informed by eachother.